Your Guide to Area Rug Materials

When you want to add depth, texture, color, pattern, and style to a room, the perfect area rug will make all the difference. Available in nearly every size, shape, and design that you can imagine, area rugs not only provide an instant design refresh but also offer protection for your surfaces against wear and tear. In fact, you will find multiple styles within our online store over at the Gilman Floors, LLC that will catch your eye and look outstanding in your home. However, you must first determine which rug construction will serve the room and areas in question with the performance you need. Here’s your quick guide to area rug materials!


It doesn’t get more timeless and natural! Inherently soft, durable and water-resistant, wool fibers produce breathtaking rugs that will cost more but are truly worth every penny. If you have an active home, then it’s probably wise to invest in a flat weave wool rug to reduce shedding and piling. You will also need to have wool rugs professionally cleaned. On the plus side, your rug will remain gorgeous for years and can even become a cherished heirloom. Without a doubt, your wool rug will deliver high style.


Just like wall-to-wall carpeting, nylon area rugs provide a tremendous mix of attributes that will generally meet your needs. Nylon yarn is resilient, easy to clean, and resists debris reliably. Although nylon rugs may fade quicker than other materials over time, you will receive strong performance and style at a great price point. Looking to add the latest design motif, patterns, or colors in a room without spending too much money? A nylon area rug will be a sensible way to add some trendy ‘pop’ to your space.


For the active family that will experience spills, tracked-in dirt, and general mess-making from beloved pets, a polyester area rug will be a solid design solution. For one, polyester rugs are durable enough to handle wear and tear and resist fading well. Although you will not find as wide a selection of polyester styles to choose from, you will get your rug at a great price and many are made from recycled PET. Easy to maintain and easy on the eyes, polyester rugs are more than ready for action!


Similar to the beauty of wool, cotton area rugs capture a natural look and feel but without breaking the bank. Cotton fibers dye exceptionally well so you will have a vast amount of striking, vibrant rugs to choose from. How’s this for ease of maintenance: many cotton rugs can be machine washed- It doesn’t get any easier than that! Although you will probably end up needing to replace cotton rugs sooner than other rug types, you can use that as an opportunity to take advantage of the stellar price and immense design choices.


It’s always a great idea to arm the entranceways of your home with defense against dirt, debris, ice, and everything in between, and olefin area rugs are certainly up to the task. Since olefin can withstand moisture, foot traffic, and stains alike, it’s a perfect and popular material to use for an indoor-outdoor rug. At a fantastic price point, it’s a no-brainer to add olefin rugs to your porches and garages for stylish protection against the elements.

No matter which outstanding material you select, follow area rug care tips to keep your rugs looking fresh and vibrant. When you’re ready to shop, visit the Gilman Floors, LLC showroom in Hilton Head Island, SC for even more area rug inspiration and product information!