All about laminate flooring

Laminate floors are a highly functional, durable & beautiful solution for any home or commercial space. They’re designed to mimic the look & feel of natural wood, stone & ceramic tile by fusing together layers of wood-based materials. Each layer provides specific protection against some type of damage. The typical laminate plank includes 4 main layers:

  • A surface wear layer for protection against scratches & stains
  • A photographic layer to mimic the look of wood or tile flooring
  • A core layer that provides strength & stability
  • A backing layer for extra stability & protection from moisture

Laminate provides those wood & tile looks you seek without the associated price tag or maintenance requirements. Available in a wide variety of color tones & textured finishes, laminate floors are an extremely durable option that will work well in just about any room of your home. At Gilman Floors, we stock a wide variety of high-quality laminate flooring solutions from Shaw Floors.

Get inspired!

Need some inspiration before shopping for laminate flooring? Take a look at our laminate inspiration gallery to see some of the latest trends in action before you shop. 

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