Area Rug Cleaning

Ensure the continued brilliance of your rugs

To truly ensure the longevity and beauty of your area rugs, you must go beyond basic vacuuming & invest in professional cleaning services. When your rug has started to look worn down, or when grime and dirt have been worked too far into the fibers to be extracted with a vacuum, Gilman Floors is here to make it look new again by performing a quality cleaning.

We proudly serving the Bluffton, South Carolina area with experienced carpet cleaning technicians who will clean & protect your investments. The cleaning process begins with a hand inspection for any spots that have been worn through or torn, abrasions from furniture and foot traffic, pet contamination, or places where the dye has become discolored.

This approach makes it possible to determine the safest way to begin cleaning your area rug. Once the inspection is complete, all of the embedded particles in the fibers are removed, such as allergens, hair, sand or dirt. Both the back & front of the area rug is scoured for any additional abrasive debris before moving on to the next step in the cleaning process.

Once it’s free of loose particles, each of your area rugs is washed, with the cleaning method varying depending on the materials from which it’s made & whether it is handcrafted or manufactured. After washing, any excess moisture is removed and a special rinse is applied to restore fibers to their natural state, preventing further damage.

Your area rugs are then dried in a specialized facility using a combination of moving air, heat, and a dehumidifier to prevent mold or mildew from forming. After one final inspection, your area rug will be returned to your home, as vibrant and gorgeous as it was the day that you purchased it. For a thorough and professional cleaning for your area rugs, Gilman Floors sets the standard in Bluffton, South Carolina.

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