Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Daily care & preventative maintenance

Hardwood flooring requires a specific care and maintenance routine to keep it looking beautiful and to help it age well.  

To keep your hardwood looking its best, first consider preventative maintenance. Use floor protectors on all furniture, as hardwood is prone to scratching.

Invest in mats and place them throughout your home, particularly at entryways. Encourage visitors to remove their shoes before walking across your flooring. These two measures in combination will reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked onto your hardwood, protecting it from microscopic damage that can dull its appearance.

Use a humidifier or dehumidifier as needed, as hardwood is sensitive to climate. 

Daily care should include sweeping or vacuuming. You can use a dry mop, but you won't want to use a wet mop, as moisture can cause hardwood to warp & could void your product's warranty.

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Dealing with spills

Treat spills quickly! Immediately blot up any liquid messes with a clean, soft cloth. Don't let liquids sit on your hardwood, as it could result in damage such as warping or cupping. For more difficult stains, use the stain removal guide in the additional resources below or refer to your manufacturer's care guidelines. Only use manufacturer-approved cleaners on your flooring.

Additional Resources

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