What Carpet Is Right For Me?

Fresh Carpet Facts

What Carpet Is Right For Me?

Getting new carpet is a great way to totally freshen your space, in more ways than one! New carpets can drastically change the way your home looks and feels. They can brighten a space or make it instantly more cozy. In addition, carpet can literally bring with it a breath of fresh air. Gone are the old stains and odors. Pets, kids, and food are all good things, but they can leave behind unpleasant, lingering smells… that will all leave with your old carpets! Choosing new carpet isn’t complicated, but there are a few factors that you should consider.

Carpet Can Change Your Decor

When choosing new carpets, start with what you really enjoy. Do you prefer wild patterns and colors to make a statement or would you prefer a muted neutral vibe to keep your space more peaceful? With a wide variety of patterns and colors available, the sky is literally the limit. When you begin the carpet selection process, allow yourself the freedom to dream a little, without the limitations of practicality and budget.

Carpet Should Feel Good

Consider how you want the carpet to feel underfoot. Do you want to walk barefoot over plushy shag, or is Berber more your style? Will you have kids crawling or playing on the floor? Choose a carpet that will be comfortable to walk (or crawl, or play) on and then choose the appropriate pad for added comfort.

Carpet Should Be Kid and Pet Friendly

Along the same lines as comfort, keep in mind how much traffic your space will endure from kids and/or fur-kids. Especially if your existing carpets have taken on stale odors, consider replacing them with carpets that have stain and odor resisting features.

What Carpet Is Right For Me?

Carpet Should Be Durable

The final important consideration is the amount of wear and tear your space will see. Think about how much foot traffic you have, especially in entryways or hallways. Will you have any chair traffic, from a desk chair or dining? How much time do you have to vacuum and otherwise maintain your carpets? All of these considerations will help guide you toward a carpet choice that will benefit your life without being an excessive burden.

When you are ready for help, check in with the helpful professionals at Gilman Floors, LLC. They can review your carpet options and help you make an excellent choice.